Product Care For Clothes:

The Friday Club clothing are designed to be easy for you to care for. 

To keep them looking good over time we recommend you to follow these care instructions noted below:

  • Wash similar colors together (e.g separate lights and darks) .
  • Close all zippers.
  • Use cool machine wash on a normal cycle (avoid a hot wash, this contributes to fabric shrinking) .
  • Use regular detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener under any circumstances (your garment couldn’t be any comfortable) .
  • Low temperature ironing, as heat can weaken the fibres.
  • Place delicate items in a mesh bag to help prevent snagging or twisting during machine cycles.
  • Wash denim inside out to stop the colour fading.
  • Hang out to dry, as heat from a tumble dryer could cause shrinkage. The weight of the denim will help to pull out any creases.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible. Don't let a little dirt or food stain ruin your favorite outfit. Whenever possible, try to get a stain out as soon as it happens.

Product Care For Bags:

  • Don’t Hang It. While you might be inclined to sling your bag over a doorknob or hook, resist the urge.
  • Keep It Out of the Light. Store it somewhere without direct sunlight to prevent any discoloration, and with low humidity to avoid mold.
  • Clean It, But Not Too Much. Simple things can help keep your bags in mint condition. Aside from giving it a good wipe down regularly, it also helps if you avoid holding your bag when your hands are dirty or greasy.
  • Keep it free from clutter. Let’s be honest, our bags are like black holes where you can find just about anything—USBs, hair ties, candies, cookies, pens, and tons of receipts. These things add to the weight you’re carrying on a daily basis so make it a habit to declutter and organize your bag every week.
  • Stuff your handbags to maintain its shape.
  • Keep your dust bags. Your handbags usually comes with a dust bag– keep them! They’re great for protecting your bags when you’re not using them.

Product Care For Accessories:

Take care of your accessories collection!

Follow these essential jewelry care tips to make your precious accessories last a lifetime.

  • Try to Avoid Light and Heat. Prolonged sun or light exposure can damage these materials and cause them to wear out as well as look old and uncared for.
  • Don’t Wear Your Jewelry When Doing Chores. You love your jewelry and probably really enjoy wearing it, but there are times when it’s better to take it off so it stays looking pretty. The chemicals in many cleaning products, especially bleach, can damage or ruin metals and gems.
  • Store it Properly Every Time. We recommend always storing your items separately in a case designed for jewelry. This limits the risk of items getting tangled up together or scratching one another. When you keep everything separate, you always know that it will be ready to wear and looking its best each time you take it out.