Brand story

Established in August 2018, started with the name "HEYITSFRIDAY" offering hand picked and wide range of affordable fashion to fit any girl’s unique sense of style .

In 2023 April, we rebrand our shop into THE FRIDAY CLUB, helmed by three girls - Momo, Wen Yi, Su Qing with a passion for delivering the finest styles to our customers .

THE FRIDAY CLUB aim to bring you the perfect weekend outfit and special occasions pieces, which empowers you as a women when put on the garment.


Our Vision

THE FRIDAY CLUB was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion.

"Stand out of the crowd''

We hope every girl think and feel that they're seen and appreciated, without regard to looks, size, skin, race or orientation.

We believe that clothing are diversity and inclusion, never limit yourself to a particular style or genre, enjoy playing with colours, fabric and design.

"Try more, you can be pretty in any kind of way"


Our Mission

Despite the fact that every item has been carefully chosen, we offer great design and quality pieces, at reasonable prices and in an increasingly sustainable way. 

We believes in social and environmental responsibility. It's crucial to look at all the packaging we use in our business. When it comes to our customers' parcels, we persist to use environmentally friendly and bio-degradable materials.

We respect each other and each other's perspectives. We all work together to achieve the same goals - becoming the best version of yourself also means being able to be yourself.

We are The Friday Club, and we like to keep it real.